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  • 26.02.2018 | FNEZ

    In just 2 days at the Baltic Energy Industry Forum, we will discuss about offshore energy investments that will guarantee Poland’s energy security in the coming decades!

    • Session I – “Energy from the Baltic Sea for Poland 2025” – how to ensure demand for gas and electricity in Poland by energy potential of the Baltic Sea – discussion about politics, law and investments in offshore gas pipelines and grid and offshore wind farms.
    • Session II – “Offshore energy industry” – European and Polish specialization – how to build competitiveness of Polish supply for offshore investments on the European market and European supply on the global market – discussion about local content, experience, international cooperation.
    • Session III – „The role of gas in modernising the Polish energy sector” – how to switch from coal domination to sustainable energy mix – discussion about the guarantee and competitiveness of gas supplies for the energy sector and the role of gas generation in balancing renewable energy.
    •  Session IV –“How to transform the potential of offshore energy into offshore wind farms” – when and how many offshore wind farms will be built on the Polish sea – discussion about the potential, regulatory environment and construction of connecting points.
    • Session V – a great summary of co

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