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    Roadmap on how to increase community energy using the RENCOP model. This Roadmap filters down and combines the findings of our project into an informative and detailed report. Transnational cooperation highlights the importance of community energy (CE) as a core pillar of the Green Deal in the Baltic Sea Region.

    New policy recommendations help countries in the Baltic Sea region seize the potential of community energy.  The set of ten policy proposals can help policy makers in removing barriers to community energy. The proposals developed in the Co2mmunity project are based on research literature, practical experiences of projects and a broad consultation with experts and stakeholders in the Baltic Sea region.

    This White Paper contains policy recommendations for national-level policy makers in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) to stimulate, support and promote community energy (CE) projects. Recommendations have been prepared during implementation and as one of the main outputs of the Co2mmunity project.

    The aim of the Handbook is to promote the development of “community energy” (hereinafter: “CE”) in Poland. The handbook defines “community energy” and presents a synthetic description of national organizational and legal conditions for the development and promotion of community energy initiatives based on renewable energy sources. The handbook is also a form of a guide, which, based on a collection of foreign and domestic good practices and experiences, is to inspire the implementation of such initiatives in Poland.

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