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    Good Investment Practice Forum (pl. FDPI) is a new project of the Foundation for Sustainable Energy.

    The idea of FDPI is to assist in the development and implementation of offshore wind farm projects through the transfer and adaptation of best practices and foreign experience to the domestic market and to prepare domestic stakeholders for effective implementation of the investment process.

    One of the prepared tools is a dedicated platform – an Internet discussion forum, which will ensure cooperation of practitioners with real experience in the implementation of the investment, with experts, investors and representatives of the administration.


    The Foundation is the organizer of an international conference entitled “Baltic Energy Industry Forum – BEIF”, which is one of the largest industry events in the Baltic Sea region. BEIF is a forum for discussion on the role of key energy investments in maritime areas in ensuring energy security and economic development of Poland. BEIF promotes the idea of creating a new specialization of Polish economy – the offshore energy industry.

    Each edition of BEIF as well as its thematic scope corresponds to the current stages of development of offshore energy investments.


    The main objective of the project was to develop a concept of the Baltic Offshore Grid integrated with planned offshore wind farms. It will be based on a detail analysis of spatial, market, political, regulatory, social, environmental and technical conditions. To achieve this goal, during the project lifetime, 14 project partners from all 8 EU Member States from the BSR (Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) was working in close cooperation.

    The project was realised in 2016-2019 and was co-financed by the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region 2014-2020 programme.


    The aim of the Co2mmunity project is to foster development of community energy (CE) projects based on renewable energy sources by:

    • increasing the importance of community energy and cooperative energy projects in the plans and strategies of the countries in the Baltic Sea region,
    • strengthening the concept of cooperative energy projects in local communities,
    • setting up “RENCOP” – renewable energy cooperative partnerships – that initiates and support community energy projects in the Baltic Sea region.

    The project will run from 2017-2020 and is co-financed by the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region 2014-2020 programme.

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