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    Core to Co2mmunity approach are renewable energy cooperative partnerships (RENCOP) that initiate and support CE projects. In each partner region Co2mmunity will initiate and manage a RENCOP. In the project lifetime at least 8 RENCOPs will be established: in Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

    In Poland RENCOP will integrate citizens, stakeholders, members of energy cluster and energy cooperatives initiatives and projects, as well as experts, in order to identify CE local development potential, tools that will support the development of energy clusters and cooperatives but also barriers and factors slowing their development. The result of the RENCOP in Poland will strengthen the concept of functioning and development of energy clusters and energy cooperatives and foster development of renewable energy projects carried out by citizens.

    RENCOP in Poland:

    • the formula of an open working group:
      • constant integration of new stakeholders, citizens, experts, members of cluster initiatives and representatives of energy clusters and energy cooperatives,
    • permanent cooperation with RENCOP members:
      • questionnaires and interviews,
      • analysis of experiences,
      • identification of barriers, drivers and good practices,
    • support and exchange of experience:
      • workshops with stakeholders,
      • analysis of national experiences,
      • exchange of domestic and foreign experiences,
      • international cooperation,
      • transfer of foreign experience and good practices into national conditions,
    • guides, guidelines, recommendations:
      • country-specific handbooks, guidelines and good practice manuals for mobilizing, initiating and running CE projects in the form of cooperatives or clusters,
      • guidelines for stakeholders,
      • recommendations for policies

    We invite you to join the RENCOP, please contact us!


    +48 (22) 412 24 92

     INTERREG Baltic Sea Region 2014 – 2020

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