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  • 10.03.2017 | FNEZ

    The document is a summary of the third edition of the conference “Offshore wind energy an opportunity for the Polish economy” that took place in Warsaw on 27-28 February, 2017. The organizer was Foundation for Sustainable Energy (FNEZ). The conference gathered 244 attenndees from 160 companies and institutions: members of government, parliament and local government, representatives of 4 embassies, national and international investors, representatives of the national and internationaloffshore/maritime industry, Polish and international experts, representatives of NGOs. Discussions during the conference confirmed that the development of offshore wind energy (OWE) and Polish production capacities for offshore wind market are a fact. The participants agreed that the 6 GW OWE potential until 2030, estimated by FNEZ in 2013 (report) and confirmed in further expert studies (McKinsey & Company), is achievable and will contribute to the development and increasing competitiveness of the Polish offshore energy industry.

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