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  • 10.06.2011 | FNEZ

    The seminar was held on June 10, 2011. It was organized by the Foundation for Sustainable Energy together with the Ministry of Economy and the Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society, under the patronage of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, and Minister of Infrastructure. Iberdrola Renewables and Polish Offshore Grid S.A. were substantive partners of the meeting.

    The aim of the seminar was to present the current development conditions of offshore wind energy in Poland in a context of implementing the European energy-climate policy and also to estimate the potential of domestic offshore wind farms (OWF) market together and identify the biggest barriers for its development in Poland. The suggestions of actions necessary to undertake in order to eliminate the barriers were also brought about during the meeting. The post-seminar material covers comments of participants and key conclusions of the meeting.

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