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  • 10.06.2011 | FNEZ

    were elaborated by experts of FNEZ – Maciej Stryjecki and Krzysztof Mielniczuk in cooperation with the Environmental Impact Assessments Department in the General Directorate for Environmental Protectio and consulted with Regional Directorates for Environmental Protection and with the National Environmental Impact Assessment Committee. The document was fully agreed and delivered to the General Directorate for Environmental Protection by FNEZ, with publishing rights.

    The aim of the guidelines was to make the environmental impact assessment procedures for wind farms more efficient as well as to improve the quality of EIA reports and the environmental impact forecasts. The document is focused on onshore wind farms. Recommendations and information refer to administrative procedures and legal requirements for single wind power turbines or groups called wind farms. The document covers key information about environmental impacts of wind farms, recommendations regarding good practices in the process of preparing investment projects and environmental impact assessments.

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