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  • 07.07.2014 | FNEZ

    The registration is open! Register for two days of the Offshore Conference, organized by the FNEZ and PSEW and take part in this unique event!
    Please visit: http://konferencja-offshore.pl.

    The “Development of coastal areas” Offshore Conference, organised in Słupsk on 22-23 September 2014 is the most important economic, political and industry event dedicated to offshore wind energy in Poland in 2014.

    The Conference is a continuation of the previous editions of the following events:

    • The Ist and IInd Offshore Conference&Exhibition, organised in 2012 and 2013 in Sopot by Polish Wind Energy Association, and
    • The Ist “Offshore wind energy: the flywheel of industry and coastal areas development” Conference organised in 2013 in Słupsk by Foundation for Sustainable Energy.

    The combination of competence, experience and expert knowledge of PWEA and FNEZ meets the expectations of the offshore industry towards industry organisations concerning a joint and effective action to establish conditions for the development of offshore wind energy in Poland.

    A policy aimed at the development of offshore wind energy in the Polish maritime areas and the establishment of a strong supply, logistical and service base using the potential of the Polish maritime industry is conducted in Poland for 6 years. Provisions of the Energy Policy, the National Renewable Energy Action Plan as well as subsequent legal solutions step by step establish the conditions for the development of the first wind farms in the Polish Exclusive Economic Zone.

    The most important challenges the relevant authorities face today include the adoption of system solutions constituting the basis for the implementation of the first investments while ensuring a link between the support scheme for offshore wind farms and mechanisms bringing benefits for the Polish economy, in particular in coastal areas. The most important task for the investors and developers is to prepare the first projects, whereas for the offshore industry – to establish a national supply chain and logistical and service base for cost-efficient construction of such projects.

    During the Conference, together with representatives of the government, the Parliament, self-governmental authorities, the national and foreign offshore industry as well as many experts we will attempt to answer, among others, the following questions:

    • How to organise the Polish offshore wind energy industry to ensure its cost-reasonable development with maximum economic benefits, in particular for the coastal areas?
    • When the first offshore wind farms will be built in Polish maritime areas?
    • What investments will be made in the Polish maritime industry and ports and when?
    • What system and organisational solutions will be implemented soon to ensure proper conditions for the construction of the first projects?
    • What foreign experience we may use in Poland to minimise risk and investment costs and to optimise benefits?

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