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  • 08.02.2019 | FNEZ

    WindEurope has published a summary report for 2018 about offshore wind sector in Europe.
    It is available on the WindEurope website.

    Key information:

    • 2.6 GW was installed in Europe in 2018 – it is 18% increase in power,
    • 651 MW was installed in the North Sea, 395 MW in the Irish Sea, 387 MW in the Baltic Sea and 229 MW in the Atlantic Ocean,
    • 15 new offshore wind farm projects were launched,
    • there are 4543 turbines in Europe operating on 105 offshore wind farms in 11 countries,
    • the United Kingdom and Germany remain the leaders,
    • the average power of installed turbines is 6.8 MW, and the largest turbin with a capacity of 8.8 MW was installed in the British project.

    The report also refers to the Polish plan for the development of offshore wind farms – 10 GW until 2040.

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