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  • 25.04.2017 | FNEZ

    SMDI Advisory Group has obtained another environmental decision for offshore wind farm for Polenergia Group, thus becoming the undisputed leader in location and environmental decisions for offshore energy investments. “Polenergia Baltyk II” is the second offshore wind farm in Poland, next to “Polenergia Baltyk III”, for which SMDI Advisory Group obtained environmental decision. Total capacity of offshore projects developed by Polenergia reaches 1,2 GW, nevertheless  the environmental decisions for these projects allow for construction of 2,4 GW.

    In order to obtain environmental decision, SMDI Advisory Group organized and managed entire environmental research and analysis program lasting one and a half year and involving over 100 national and international experts. Process of environmental impact assessment, preparation of documentation and consultation with proper authorities were conducted by experts from SMDI Advisory Group. The Foundation for Sustainable Energy carried out a wide-ranging communication and social dialogue campaign that enabled local society and all interested parties to be acquainted with the projects and their forecasted impact on the environment. All comments were analyzed in detail and many of the propositions are reflected in the final shape of the project.

    Polenergia’s offshore wind farms will be put into operation in 2021-2022 (OWF PBIII) and 2025-2026 (OWF PBII) and will significantly contribute to the achievement of Polish climate policy goals in the perspective of 2030.

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