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  • 04.07.2018 | FNEZ

    On 7 June 2018 in Warsaw the conference “Offshore Grid and Offshore Wind Energy in the Baltic Sea – Opportunity for Integrating Energy Markets” was held. Its participants debated on the future development of offshore power grids in the Baltic Sea. The discussion was based on the results of a pre-feasibility study for two cross-border interconnections: Poland-Sweden-Lithuania and Germany-Sweden integrated with offshore wind farms.

    The main conclusion of the conference is that the integrated offshore grid development, with OWE parks as major drivers and connection points of such a grid in the Baltic Sea region, should be rather understood as a gradual, evolutionary process. However, a road map is needed to shed light on the way to possible future scenarios, not as a definite master plan but rather a guiding vision for a meshed offshore grid. Furthermore, the process needs to be flanked and fueled by developments in a number of diverse fields such as appropriate regulatory measurestechnological advancements, coordination mechanisms as well as a policy framework and legal environment that fosters investment in this direction. This proves that the Baltic InteGrid project with its multidisciplinary approach has been on the right track and that this is only the beginning of the debate on integrated offshore grid development in this region.

    For further details of the conference please consider the summary with the main points of the discussions and the presentations of the speakers:

    Summary of the Baltic InteGrid Conference, Warsaw

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