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    Activities in the project Co2mmunity:

    • identification of stakeholders and CE projects: energy cooperatives and energy clusters,
    • case studies of selected CE projects,
    • field visits, meetings with stakeholders, questionnaires, interviews and workshops,
    • analysis of the conditions for development of the CE projects in the Baltic Sea region,
    • identification of barriers and drivers, regional and national legal conditions and success factors,
    • development of tools and guidelines for initiating and running CE projects taking into account national conditions,
    • development of a model for the exchange of experiences and good practices,
    • recommendation for local, regional and national policies,
    • elaboration of country-specific handbooks, recommendations and strategies for development CE projects,
    • set up “RENCOP” – renewable energy cooperative partnerships – that initiate and support community energy projects in the Baltic Sea region.

    Main results of the project:

    • Synthesis report about current situation of CE in BSR including best practice compilation
    • 8 country-specific handbooks for CE for municipalities and citizens’ associations
    • White paper for national and regional stakeholders to support/initiate CE projects
    • RENCOP roadmap for municipalities and regional actors across the BSR
    • Transferable RENCOP model as a tool that can be applied across the BSR to initiate and support CE projects

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